Joy/courage/presence transmute attachment/control/fear through acceptance and release flows: +Wild-Type Logic

As humans examine nature and its expressions at ever closer levels of organization, we understand nature's capacity to express itself in ways that maximize the full benefits of an organism's evolutionary make-up given habitable surroundings. Organisms expressing the full complement of characteristics necessary for the full benefit of their physical make-up attain coherence between the inner and outer worlds. It's analogous to genetic +wild-type.

+ wild-type coherence is oneness in terms of human experience. It reflects a realized potential to experience joy/courage/presence in a personal or cultural environment where attachment/control/fear patterns are also embodied.

potential through the lens of joy, courage, and presence


Patterns that take us out of the joy, courage, presence pattern; attachments and releases that keep us there.


What attachments, control and fear look like when embodied in the personal and cultural

Empathy and judgment reflect people's real-time efforts to relate to others, short of full joy, courage and presence

Thus our +wild-type capacity for full participation has two sides:

-- taking personal responsibility for our own joy, courage, and presence by Being with our body

-- inviting connection to the same in others by reigning in judgments and empathy that derail awareness of the attachments, control and fear present in us

Personal and cultural embodiment patterns come about through dependence on judgments and empathy -- crosscurrents of attachment, control, and fear -- such that they demand attention. Such patterns (yes, personal drama and the collective drama we call culture) are a reflection of the multiple layers at which each of us is motivated by the same desire to heal at some level and for some duration (maybe fleeting), to the potential for a body that flows with joy, courage, and presence.

+wild-type logic is a state of synthesis of individual (inner) and cosmic (outer) order.

Posted Dec 29, 2013. Updated Jan 14, 2014.

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